A Simple, Free CRM

Built with Google Sheets and syncs with your Gmail account

See below for quick set-up

Why Use This?

This Customer Relationship Management tool is a completely free and simple alternative to other CRMs. Many business owners, sales managers and reps don't want anything fancy, just a spreadsheet to organise their prospects and clients.

This CRM syncs with your Gmail account which makes it easy to track and manage prospect and clients alike.

It displays the last date of contact, how many days since then, and how the interaction was left.

How to Quickly Set-up

A step-by-step process to getting started.

Step 1 - View and "Make a Copy" of this Google Sheet here.

Step 2 - Go to Tools, then Script Editor.

Step 3 - Click the "Play" button - this will prompt a pop-up to sync your Gmail account.

FreeCRM step 2

Step 4 - Choose the Gmail account that you send and receive your work emails from.

FreeCRM step 3

Step 5 - Click the "Clock" button - this will prompt a pop-up to set how often the CRM updates.

FreeCRM step 4

Step 6 - Set the timer to "Time-driven" that updates every 15 minutes.

Note: if you set this under 15 minutes, it will make the whole spreadsheet lag.

FreeCRM step 4

Note: the code is set-up to track the email addresses in column 4 (D) of the spreadsheet and sync with Gmail from column 7-11 (H-K). If you want to add extra columns, do so after column 11 (K) to avoid corrupting.

Step 7 - Upload your contacts into the sheet, and make sure you put pure email addresses into the 4th column like below.

Step 8 - Enjoy the free CRM and close more deals!

Full credit to Dan Ledger for developing the integration and Cory Bray for his Google Sheets CRM template.

FreeCRM by SalesWolf.io - if you need help getting set-up, send me an email michael@saleswolf.io

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